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About Garage Ballet

Garage Ballet helps you navigate the tradition of this specialized training and translate ballet’s secrets into skills you can use in your day to day life. Be better at everything you do! Use what you can. At a minimum, you will be more flexible and stronger, but if you really work the plan, you’ll be magic!

The Garage Ballet series mentors teachers, parents, and students through easy to understand explanations of the effort and training necessary to produce the best results.

Dawn C Crouch

Dawn Crouch

Dawn Crouch possesses an “all sides of the fence” perspective and appreciates not only the tradition and technique of ballet but also the concerns and goals of teachers, students, and parents. A native of New Orleans, she received her early training from Lelia Haller, danced with Houston Ballet under James Clouser and Nicholas Polejenko, and has taught at ballet schools throughout the southeast. Mrs. Crouch passionately believes that ballet training is a lifetime asset with proven value for every student.

Dominique Crisler

Dominique Crisler

Dominique Crisler, also from New Orleans, began her early training at Capdepon Ballet and continued with Huntsville Ballet under the direction of Lloyd Tygett, Keren Gibb, and David Herriott. She has studied with master teachers at Northern Illinois University, Western Michigan University, Ballet Magnificat!, and Ballet Rotaru. Dominique especially enjoys performance!

Caroline Ruder

Caroline Ruder

Caroline Ruder, a native of Huntsville, AL, began her early training with Huntsville Ballet. Continuing at Burnett Dance Center, Cheryl Loatsch Studios, Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre, and Ballet Theatre School in Gulfport, MS, she returned to Huntsville Ballet after Hurricane Katrina then studied at the University of South Carolina. Caroline’s love of ballet follows her in a series of first arabesque photos taken around the world. She invites friends, family, work colleagues, and you to join in the fun. Use #firstarabesquetravels on Instagram to share your photos!