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Ballet Helps Everything: Ten Reasons Why

Translate ballet’s secrets into skills that you will use in your day-to-day life!

Ballet Helps Everything, the First Book in the Garage Ballet series, teaches that this century plus art form has much more to do with confidence than perfection. The book explains why the three key elements of posture, balance, and body alignment create a mindful discipline that empowers competent movement.

Whether to become a professional dancer or just for good solid exercise, the study of ballet develops life skills that elevate physical awareness and mental focus.

Improve your posture and balance. Increase your strength and flexibility.

Ballet invites every student, regardless of age or skill level, to enjoy the body they live in!

With this book you will learn:

  • The Benefits of Strength, Flexibility, and Coordination
  • Why Ballet develops a more self-assured, poised and confident self-image
  • The positive impact of Ballet training on your relationships and career
  • How to incorporate daily exercises to correct and improve posture
  • Basic ballet techniques and goals from a world class instructor

Dawn Crouch possesses an “all sides of the fence” perspective and appreciates not only the tradition and technique of ballet but also the concerns of teachers, students, and parents. A native of New Orleans, she received her early training from Lelia Haller, danced with Houston Ballet, and has taught at ballet schools throughout the southeast. Mrs. Crouch passionately believes that ballet training is a lifetime asset with proven value for every student.

Ballet Helps Everything makes a great gift for novice to advanced dancers, adult students, dance teachers and parents as well as those interested in living a healthier lifestyle!