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Pointe Work: Ten Reasons Why and When

Every dancer, no matter her age, dreams about her first pair of pointe shoes!

Pointe Work, the Second Book in the Garage Ballet series, mentors both teachers, parents, and the vulnerable pre-pointe student. This book explains what to look for in physical ability, what to expect during the first year on pointe, and what effort is required to produce the best results.

Excellence on pointe stands at the heart of every ballet performance and speaks directly to a student’s future as a female dancer because to advance, pointe work is an absolute must!

Pointe work improves balance, flexibility, and artistic expression. Ultimately, this relates to better performance. Make sure you understand the preparation necessary to ensure a successful transition to the greater demands placed on the body by pointe work.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn:

  • The History of the Signature Skill – Why pointe? Where did the tradition come from? Why has it stood the test of time?
  • Benefits of dancing on pointe – If you’re not on balance, you’re not on pointe.
  • Age Recommendations
  • Class Requirements
  • Strength and Technique Levels – Correct Preparation for Pointe Work

Beware! Proceed with caution!

Pointe work at its best is thrilling, fearless freedom; at its worst, an embarrassing disaster. Started too soon before strength and technique are solid, pointe work can completely derail a student. Ignore best-tested practices and pointe shoes become a painful issue that manifests in bloody, blistered feet or even debilitating injuries if the student is truly not ready.

Recognize other priceless secrets:

  • Standing vs. Dancing on pointe
  • The Connection between Petite Allegro (Little Jumps) and Pointe Work
  • Proficiency = Attendance and Commitment
  • Is there a reliable Test for Pointe?

As an added bonus:

Special Considerations for Adult “first time” pointe students

Dawn Crouch possesses an “all sides of the fence” perspective and appreciates not only the tradition and technique of ballet but also the concerns of teachers, students, and parents. A native of New Orleans, she received her early training from Lelia Haller, danced with Houston Ballet, and has taught at ballet schools throughout the southeast. Mrs. Crouch passionately believes that ballet training is a lifetime asset with proven value for every student.

Get the answers you need to practical questions! Build a foundation for success! Buy Garage Ballet’s Guide to Pointe Work today!