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The ABC’s of PreBallet: The Essential Ballet Building Block

Every parent wants their child to develop skills that last a lifetime! PreBallet is an essential building block that will help your child be their best!

The ABC’s of PreBallet, the third book in the Garage Ballet series, explains how PreBallet is the class that starts the process by introducing The Three Keys of Ballet training – Posture, Balance, and Body Alignment.

PreBallet shapes the person as well as the dancer by nurturing the enduring qualities of physical awareness, mental focus, and personal discipline.

In this comprehensive guide, you will receive recommendations and advice about:

  • Age 3 to 5
  • Class Size
  • Class Length

As well as what to look for when choosing a studio:

  • Who teaches the class?
  • Are the classes standardized or teacher specific within the same studio?
  • Does the teacher know each child by name?
  • How extensively are helpers used to demonstrate?
  • Physicality – How much time is devoted to physical movement?
  • Tempo of class
  • Musicality – What type of music is used?
  • Introduction of basic barre work
  • Use of Proper French Terminology
  • Fun vs. Instruction – Why can’t it be both?

The excellence of a PreBallet class establishes the credibility and reputation of a ballet school.

Dawn C. Crouch, an experienced ballet instructor and author of the Garage Ballet series, believes that ballet is a lifetime asset that fosters self-esteem and confidence.

Get the answers to practical questions! Build the foundation for your child’s success! Buy Garage Ballet’s The ABC’s of PreBallet today!